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What To Expect

Your Initial Visit with Our Phoenix Chiropractor

Are you visiting Chiropractic for the first time? For your initial visit at our office, we'll need you to fill out some paperwork so we can get a better picture of your medical history, your treatment background, and the details of your condition. Our focus is always to provide you with the best available treatment, and gaining this deeper understanding of your health allows us to do this.

In your initial visit with our Phoenix chiropractor, you can expect:

  • An initial consultation - In your consultation with the chiropractor, you can discuss your symptoms and learn about your treatment options.
  • Collection of your medical history and an examination - You will be asked certain questions about your medical history and any current health issues you are experiencing. The chiropractor will also examine you and perform certain tests to identify the tissues that need treatment.
  • Possible x-rays - We may need to take x-rays to determine if your pain or other symptoms are being caused by another more serious injury or condition.
  • Same-day treatment - We'll start treatment immediately to help provide relief from the pain or tension you are experiencing.
  • Instructions for home care - We'll educate you on steps you can take at home to help improve your condition. These steps may include applying ice or heat to the affected area, performing simple exercises, and so on.
  • Making your next appointment - Most patient need to return for follow-up treatment within a day or two of the first visit. We will schedule all future appointments around your schedule.

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